True Grit (2010) Review

What better way to encompass this 2010 remake but with grim and torque. Fans of the John Wayne original say the dialogue practically mirrored the original lines, effectively and accuratley becoming a popular rendition of the 1969 classic. Acting performances on behalf of Matt Damon brought a sense of relatable humanity and vulnerability in the form of human error as a Texas Ranger. Jeff Bridges lived in the skin of his role all too well, finding his drunken rampants beyond belieavable, but outright hillarious. Hailee Steinfeld delievered a surprising performance as hard-nosed headstrong Mattie Ross. I admit to being taken aback by Steinfeld’s acting capabilties and bold seize of her character and an occasional fearlessness in giving a heartful portrayal. Though I cannot comparatively speculate, the Cohen Brother appear to have kept the film in all its’ soiled glory intact, leaving the taste of dust in your mouth and a whistle of an eagles cry in your ear. The most critical I will be; the ending of this suspenseful ride remains, the ending seemed tired and inconclusive as the fatigued eyes of an aged Mattie Ross. Quite frankly I doubt anyone could survive being shot by a rifle at point blank range unless by some act of god. Considering how strong the film was executed throughout, the falling action was less than fitting. An overall rating from this critique:

Performances: 8/10  Directing: 10/10  Script/Dialogue: 9/10  Cinematography: 10/10

Overall rating:  9/10


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