Payola Scandal

While randomly searching the internet for pages about the decrease in popularity of the music industry, I came across a new word, payola. As defined and described by wikipedia, a payola, in the American music industry, is the illegal practice of payment or other inducement by record companies for the broadcast of recordings on music radio, in which the song is presented as being part of the normal day’s broadcast. This would explain why certain radio stations play the same five songs in an continuos loop for a straight month. If there are any radio host or radio personalities reading this, I speak on behalf of a lot of people when I say, we do not enjoy these music loops, not only does it prove to be extremely annoying, but gets old fast. Why not play music that has not been heard for twenty years. And if you are so conformist that you have no idea what to do without your schedule then I have no problem taking over your console for a while 🙂


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