P.F. Chang’s (Arbor Lakes)

The first thing I noticed was the enormous imperial horses on either side of a revolving door. Service was speedy and the servers had kind smiles as a side dish. Sadly my Canton Chicken & Mushrooms was not awe inspiring, but made me think of standard Chinese take-out. The noodles tasted over saturated in glaze or sauce they were cooked with. My favorite part was the vegetables, which were crisp and decoratively cut to a T. The Wonton soup was light but overtones of mushroom and hint of spinach leafs. Imagine the great mushroom broths your mother used to make, warm, released flavours of mushroom and spinach, chunks of delicately wrapped pot stickers, with tender meat cooked to perfection inside. As my delightful waitress brought around the dessert tray my eyes gorged! Each sweet treat was a well decorated piece of heaven. I ordered the blissful banana spring rolls. Without even noticing the coconut inside the ice cream, a thick creamy flavour of vanilla and caramel overlapped it. The deep fried bananas were crisp but were glazed as well. For you adventurous eaters, dipping it in the caramel coconut vanilla ice cream offers the ultimate experience. In my opinion P.F. Chang’s has wonderful soups and irresistible mouth watering desserts; overall, outstanding atmosphere, wonderful service and excellent culinary pride; P.F. Chang’s has the official rating: Texas Toast

♥ Rating meter ♥

1 – Bad service, terrible food, unclean atmosphere
2 – One degree less than an inspired walk-out
3 – Mediocre service, mediocre food, dull or forgettable atmosphere
4 – Fair service, decent food, fair atmosphere
5 – Outstanding service, pitch-perfect cuisine, fun or stimulating atmosphere

1 – Mystery meat
2 – Cold chilli ♥ ♥
3 – Soup of the day ♥ ♥ ♥
4 – Texas Toast ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
5 – Gourmet Cuisine ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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