Collegiate Education Overpriced

In the next month I will be writing a piece about an age old question: Can you out a price on education? Most people would say yes, but I disagree. Surely tuition would answer this ancient query, but from prehistoric times up to the 1940’s in America equal opportunity was the way of the world. I can even recall the days of lemonade stands and selling candy for school fundraisers. But in the new millenium six year olds now need a selling liscense to “silicit” their lemonade. Any form of selling has been labeled solicitation. People have become paranoid and desperate to find any applicable reason to file a law suit for money. Growing up in such a impersonal and self-indulgent country has to be impacting young children significantly.  Institutions such as Berkley, Harvard, Philedelphia state, MIT and Yale have rigorous standards, meant to thin out the “unworthy”, leaving only the gifted to choose from. Considering the current ecomomic depression I assumed colleges would have lower tuition costs and even compromised on certain admission criteria. Depsite my wishful thinking, even a basic liberal arts education comes with an obsene amount. My belief, just as the medical industry, is a buisness of interest and investment. Not neccassarily in students and professors, but in a well planned ciriculum to deliver a so-called full rounde education. Much to my surprise I learned of two unofficial presidents before George Washington. This piece of informationshock my beliefs to the core and made me realize all I had learned througout my academic career was a startegically implemented fabrication. Designed to whole sale spoon feed me theories and idealologies. This month I will attempt to organize interview with nation wide students. In addition I will attempt to contact admissions counselors and ask simple, but uncommonly ventured questions:

1. Why are you’re tuition costs so high?

2. Aside from process of elimination, what purpose does your requirements serve?

3. Would you consider the institution you work for prestigous?

4. Can you put a price on education?

5. How are colleges and universities adapting to the current economic depression?

6. Has your enrollement statistics decreased in recent years? Why?

7. Do colleges soleley rely on student tuition?

8. Does more interest lie in students or funding?



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