NBC Suzanne Summers: A Dose of Controversy [Aired February 20th 2011]

In a bias story spun by the anchor men and women at NBC, painted a picture of quackery. Untactfully suggesting alternative medicine as unapproved and non traditional. However supposed FDA certified treatments, capsules and vaccines have been proven to produce side effects to condition they are designed to procure. From personal experience and family members personal stories; flu shots which were meant to be a barrier of protection nearly killed my grandmother-in-law and caused a another close relative to contract the H.1.N.1 virus in timely fashion of being vaccinated. What I found most surprising was how quickly hospitals and clinics almost pre-maturely had vaccines available to the public, without any FDA approvals or laboratory test deeming it safe for infants or the elderly.  Since the new Millenium a rise in reports of threatning and evan fatal side effects to vaccinations have sprouted throughout communities and even Hollywood. How can natures fruits harm human beings in any way, I would imagine synthetic, unatural medicine would pose more of a threat than Omega-3 fatty acids, alkaloids, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. the bias report claims homeopathic methods are so radiccal because it threatens the multi-billion dollar medical industry, drug companies and HMO’s.



[i]. Suzanne Summers: A dose of controversy. NBC. 20 February. Web.

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