Corporate American Monstrum

Established in 1998, Google remains one of the largest American corporations in the known world. Offering services internationally for internet research, cloud computing and advertising. Google generates profit primarily from advertising, but internet users know this fact all too well. I logged in to my Youtube account on February 23rd and was frustrated by the message that followed:

 This security parameter proves sinister than it appears, though what it asks remains simple, but gives the user an ultimatum: Either sign-up for the linked account or sign out here. For the past few months I have been prompted by this message, but ignored it and went to my inbox or account. But this time when I tried it relentlessly redirected me to this same page, almost as if trying to force me. Though I have not yet yielded to this request, it has become an immediately bothersome inconvenience beyond measure. The fact remains, this message takes away the freedom to choose and essentially categorizes as infringement. I was irked by the video ads, but could handle it by muting the audio and scrolling downward. But now it seems my options are narrowed down to one. In recent research I have discovered, there has been notable criticism of the Google Corporation regarding privacy violation, censorship and copyrights. Though it appears Google has not responded to these critics. Hopefully openly discussing these issues will inspire the public to confront corporation giants and demand their attention. This article has yet to be completed, but continues as a work in progress. Once I have obtained my survey information, I should be able to finish tenaciously. As of recent developments the general public have been informed of how accessible their private information is and can be. Leading to a hail storm of outrage, but surprisingly no civil suits or class actions. However this has not limited Google among other companies who created the android and the i-phone for lack of protection and unencrypted data. Among other scathing mishaps, Sony’s PS3 network’s server unexpectedly rebotted on April 19th 2011 and later PS3 owners were informed of an “external breach” wherein 77 million PSN & Qriocity had personal data stolen. Though the issue was settled, users trust and the companies reputation may have been permenantly damaged. Corporations as large as Sony, Microsoft, Apple and Google who have had problems in the past with hackers and external intrusions must either be suffering do to unforseeable circumstances or are these breaches intentional and by all means preventable. Game informer magazine published a statement in this months issue. “A PS3 owner filed a new class action lawsuite against Sony that claims the company knew the Playstation Network was vulnerable to hacker attacks (since it had been hit with smaller attacks before the big iutage), and yet it still fired key network security personnel two weeks before the Aprl attack. The lawsuit also alleges that Sony “spent lavishly” to protect its proprietary development server, but declined to protect consumer info.” Game Informer. It seems to be a growing theme, privacy in the technological age does not seem to be possible. But it is a matter of ethical business when mega corporations cannot respect and safeguard the trust and sensitive information of its’ customers. And must be held accountable accordinglyl; if people want these intrusive policies to change, legal confrontation paired with persistance has to be pursued. Tactiful, collective and aggressive politics are the only influences heard loudest by corporate America and as citizens are voices are getting raised. Only time will tell if there are any real differences.
 “The good, the bad and the ugly.” Game informer Magazine Sept. 2011: 24+ Print
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