Murder in Parisian ghetto


Police discovered the corpse of Daniel Rennes, long time resident and owner of Renne’s pawnshop. A familiar enemblem was found at the scene and may connect a series of other murders. Earlier this week Werner Von Croy was found dead in his apartment. Eckhert released a statement saying “He was truly a man dedicated to his work, but in the end I believe it was what killed him…” Though police are still determining the cause of death and rulling out all possible suspects, they believe Lara Croft had a direct hand in his death. A reward has been posted by officials, the reward has been set at ten thousand euros to however captures her. Later this afternoon Margot Carvier meet with the press to express her grief along with announcing the annual fall Galla. She was not availble for comment but left a letter to reporters to be repeated after national headlines at 8 p.m. tonight. “Werner has been fearful for his life, he accepted a commision five weeks ago. Since then he had been acting strangely, jumping at shadows.  Poor Werner was clearly terrified… He felt he was beeing stalked. Somebody killed Wener, my best hope lies in laying him to rest and respecting his wishes. He was a dear friend of mine… No one deserves to die so tragically and most certainly not him.” As for the pawn shop homocide case, Parisian interpol have three suspects who are being pursued. The community has been shaken by this grisly murder. A night watch has been implemented, patrols will be stationed in the vicinity of Cours la Seine street. Citizens are advised to either stay home or travel in large groups until the killer has been caught.


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