CurryUp foods (Maple Grove)

As a direct effect of our current economic depression Curry up foods has closed. Being a small business they have likely suffered the worst of this fiscal situation. An extremely regrettable events considering there friendly service and superb dishes. It goes without saying, mega corporations will never have the heart that local shoppes, restaurant’s and clothing boutiques pride themselves with. To all employees and to the owners of Curry Up foods (Maple Groove) it was a pleasure being a customer and I am deeply saddened to see you go.

My friend and I were driving around the Maple Grove, Arbor Lakes area and were indecisively searching for a quality places to eat. Only by chance and perked interest did we find this golden gem, truly speaking volumes to the old proverb “never judge a book by it’s’ cover. CurryUp was my first experience with Indian cuisine and am more than satisfied with my choice. After being well informed, I opted for a mild Chicken Korma (which was divine), well prepared mango lassi and onion khulcha. The tastes and smells were tantalizing, but simultaneously shocking because of my narrow American palette (please note I frequently eat Japanese food and have tried authentic, Korean and Mexican dishes). All of CurryUp’s entrees, breads and curries are homemade. Not only is the food authentic but the hospitality goes hand-in-hand. My particular waitress was accommodating, kind and a gifted conversationalist. Throughout this entire week, all other foods I had eaten tasted like slop compared to what I ate at CurryUp and I highly anticipate a second visit.  CurryUp has the official rating of Gourmet Cuisine, an unprecedented rating. *highly recommended!

♥ Rating meter ♥

1 – Bad service, terrible food, unclean atmosphere
2 – One degree less than an inspired walk-out
3 – Mediocre service, mediocre food, dull or forgettable atmosphere
4 – Fair service, decent food, fair atmosphere
5 – Outstanding service, pitch-perfect cuisine, fun or stimulating atmosphere

1 – Mystery meat
2 – Cold chilli ♥ ♥
3 – Soup of the day ♥ ♥ ♥
4 – Texas Toast ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
5 – Gourmet Cuisine ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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