Resident evil Afterlife (2010) Review

Ever since Resident Evil: Extinction was released to DVD I have anticipated Alice’s final confrontation with Albert Wesker and Umbrella Corporation. Watching the previews caused me to form premature criticisms and predictions of what to expect. I was only mildly excited compared to the first three installments. As expected it was worth watching at least once, but certainly not twice. As resident evil insists, producers wanted to follow the life of Alice, separating from the game storyline, which I accepted. *insert director ‘s transitional trilogy complimented its’ story telling and direction. Re Afterlife throws off a delicate balance, attempting to clash multiple cinematic aims, but delivering it in a hasty, bombarding, uncoordinated fashion. Within itself two films would have sufficed, allowing better explanation and natural unfolding of events. I want to point out how eventful but brief Alice’s infiltration of Umbrella was, considering how paramount that moment was for her. Stunts throughout this sequence were overtly impossible even for Alice. It seems *insert director has made Alice indestructible, similar to entering God mode will playing video games, inevitable removing any challenge or motivation to continue on. In addition, I have to pause and ask why Albert Wesker was recast? Some director’s do not understand how damaging recasting can be to a film. Introducing a completely different actor alters the characters portrayal and ultimately the interpretation. Thus being received by audiences in a new light. *insert actor ‘s portrayal of Chris Redfield was stifled at best,, not to mention *actor ;s physique mirror’s Chris as he appears in RE: 5. Clearly the series does not stay entirely faithful to the games, but modeled its’ characters traditionally. (i.e. Jill Valentine’s first cameo, she donned her outfit from Re: 3 Nemesis and Carlos’ wardrobe stayed fairly consistent as well). Introducing the parasites in my opinion strayed away from all previous constants, beginning to borrow constructs from up-to-date RE games. Instead of creating a 3-dimensional experience, packed with action and excitement gallor, as the greatest film yet, it turned into a half-hearted cinematic mess. Ranging from horrible direction on behalf of the screen writers to left field incorporations such as the “Axe-man executioner” and mutated zombies with Venus fly trap mandibles. From humble beginnings *insert director lost something along the way. I must applaud Alice’s confessional video log, it brought a sense of humanity. Stylistically RE Afterlife ranks a whooping ten out of ten, transcending rich contrasting textures, vibrant explosions of light, unbelievable graphic qualities and well thought out minuet details, enhancing the viewers experience of each scene whether it was sentimental or terrifying. Dialog was palatable, but fell painfully flat on the ears of its’ predecessors. My impressions, *insert director and production companies were overtly more concerned with jam packing as many graphics, action and violence in order to attract a large audience, make a killing and while not taking enough time to actual sit down and make a decent movie. Frankly I have to turn my nose up at this one and say “I am disappointed, you should have done better.”

 In comparison to Resident evil (2002), Resident Evil (2004) and Resident evil: Extinction, I rate RE: Afterlife a whopping 4.5/10

Performances: 5.5/10  Directing: 4/10  Script/Dialogue: 5/10  Cinematography: 10/10

Overall rating:  5/10


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