The American (2010) Review

  A once razor sharp contract killer seems to have lost his edge. Slow moving throughout, I had trouble adjusting to the directing style. Gritty, dark, intimate and emotional, certain scenes were quite powerful while most were forgettable. The story’s attempt at connecting the characters seems almost puzzle piece in quality, leaving no room for the audience to connect the dots. The tension between Frank and Clara seems created instead of natural. A great deal of atmosphere, relationships and dialog feels forced instead of flowing. Not unlike other espionage flicks, the American does not reach beyond its’ theme. If I had been a contract assassin in real life and softened up, it would have been far more interesting. All in all acting was stale, Clooney tried too hard to seem trouble, reserved and tough. The only worth while performance was that of the priest, played by Paolo Bonacelli. Out of an entourage of characters stand alone was three-dimensional while everyone else feel into tired dull scripted roles. Scenery and athestic qualities are breath taking, but not enough to compensate for the pace and predetermined moments. This film only suits those who have the patience for it. Overall rating:

Performances: 5/10 Directing: 4.5/10  Script/Dialogue: 6/10  Cinematography: 5.5/10

Overall rating: 5.5 /10 Honorable mention: The Priest (Paolo Bonacelli)


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