The tourist (2010) Review


Twisted action-thriller reminiscent of where in the world is Carmen San Diego, except Carmen is Alexander Pearce. I was suspicious of everyones motives for the entire 103 minute ride. Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck had me guessing almost to the end. I have not seen so many plot turns since Wild Things (1998). Dialog and finesse left me feeling like I had had a refined cappuccino, with a delectable after taste of genuine method acting. Films cannot seem to exist without cliche’s but it was minimal enough to ignore. In some aspects it followed classic Noire plot directions but set itself apart with fast paced action and lack of heavy contrast black and white film. Judging from an insiders point of view, I was uncertain as to who was sided with the police and who wanted Frank dead. While being chased onto the spanish style rooftops, I could hardly help thinking of Assassin’s creed, where Altair repeatedly evaded crusaders and soldiers. Writing was witty, tickling and enjoyable, while giving audiences credit for intelligence, it does not take itself too seriously. Johnny Depp delivers as always able to act if his life depended on it, but taking his character to heart every time. Making the audience even believe each line and moment right along with him. Creating a perfect balance between romance, comedy, wit, action and suspense. At the finale I was impressed by the attempt, not worth a second viewing but definitely worth mentioning. 

  Performances: 8/10 Directing: 9/10  Script/Dialogue: 7.5/10  Cinematography: 10/10

Overall rating: 8.5 /10


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