Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

  Unlike its’ predecessor, Eclipse introduced fresh faces, better acting abilities, but lacked rational ambition. A wide array of talents only highlighted Kristen Stuart’s dull qualities. Bella Swan painfully comes across as someone with virtually no personality; possessing no real abilities aside from a superhuman talent for biting her lip and blinking fifty times a minute. In all honesty the series may have been more successful without Ms. Swan altogether. I was also quite disappointed by the Volturi, especially Jane and Alec. Though I have hardly read the books, my impression of the Volturi is an elite group of fear instilling vampires. Jane being genuinely maniacal, her presence has an established reverence, inspiring fear and respect in all who look upon her. I imagined Alec as strong and silent, but dormant terrible fury just beneath the surface. During the scene when Bella first sees Jane, she uses her powers to torture Edward. Perhaps her stare impressed fans, but it did not frighten me in the least. And in my humble opinion, I believe there were many talented young actresses who could have played Jane far better than Dakota Fanning. Though it is hearsay, apparently the casting director did not bothering holding auditions for Jane and simply handed it over to Dakota. I do not discount her acting abilities, but feel the extent of her talent only applies to certain roles suited for her. Several other actors fit into this category: Steven Seagull, Bruce Willis, George Clooney, *continue list later. I was annoyed by twilight producers re-cast of Victoria, Bryce Dallas did not capture 1/10th of what Rachelle Lefevre projected in the first two films and in my opinion a foolish move. Generally better in every way, it remains a film best reserved for fans of the series and the occasional curiosity seeker.

Performances: 6/10  Directing: 5/10  Script/Dialogue: 5/10  Cinematography: 8/10

Overall rating:  6.5/10


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