Watchmen (2009) Review

  Unnecessarily violent, over sexualized and reeking with clichés, the trailers and featurettes mislead me, I expected more fight scenes and pursuit of crime, not to mention my disappointment in never seeing Silk Spectre I in action. Possibly the most detestable film characters I have ever seen on screen; Rorschach, the comedian and Dr. Manhattan. All of whom lay on an ambiguous line of neutrality, but separately exhibit horrifying I read into the history of the watchmen, knowing the comedian was not well liked, Dr. Manhattan would be nude and Silk Spectre II had a rocky relationship with her mother. But I was amazed at how many full frontal shots they had of Dr. M, excessive sex scenes and brutally graphic violence, which often times I had to close my eyes. I was aware of the violence, but did not expect such explicit gore. Only a handful of films showcase violence like that and refuse to witness, unless used as a literary device or meant for proving a grim reality. I also found the ending anti-climactic and terrible; Ozymandias, turned out to be an antagonist and which was hardly surprising, but quite disappointing. Why? Well the cold war stale mate was solved in one swoop, leaving the watchmen disbandment and two heroes killed. I was hoping to see the watchmen save the city, go on night patrols and stop Ozymandias, but they did none of those things.

Visually rich, explosive and vibrant, Zack Snyder delivers as usual, but falls short of producing a decent story. Often his direction presents itself as disoriented, non linear and confusing. All in all acting was fair; honors on behalf of Carla Gugino, Glenn Ennis, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (I may have hated the comedian, but he did well Morgan did well making me feel so strongly, the mark of a great actor) and Patrick Wilson. Aside from my obvious displeasure, I most appreciated Laurie’s relationship with her mother and how they became closer. It was perhaps the only “nice” aspect of the entire ensemble.

Performances: 7.5/10  Directing: 7/10  Script/Dialogue: 7.5/10  Cinematography: 9/10

Overall rating: 6 /10


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