Silent hill: Downpour

Exclusives from Xbox magazine, G4 and IGN intrigued me enough to read into the latest installment. My main reason for driving away from SH after the third game, because of an absence of all original and secondary team silent members, not to mention the games score will be conducted by Daniel Licht, who also did work for hit series Dexter. Without team silent and Akira Yamaoka, fundamental elements are completely obliterated making Silent Hill: downpour simply a different game franchise within itself. I do not discount new team silent or Daniel Licht’s ability to create a successful survival horror video game, but believe it will be nothing comparable in atmosphere or caliber to its’ predecessors. Thus far SH Downpour has been set in Silent Hill, thematic atmospheres have been centered around surroundings, dense fog, rain storms and mood altering music. Characters appear moderately developed, but overall from news, lack of extensive interviews and short trailers, final production may not be well into December. Significant members of Konami have since moved on to alternative projects or have ceased any ties with Silent hill, nor are any of them mentioned to work on Silent Hill 8. Which seems quite rigid, considering even simple consultations with former members would aid greatly in progression, development of levels, characters, surroundings, storyline and script. Silent Hill: Downpour is due to be released along side Tomb Raider in 2012 and Eidos remains frugal about releasing details. After watching the Tokyo Game Show trailer: Silent Hill Downpour – Korn trailer, I realised my suspicions were true. The gaming community had no doubts that Downpour would be scary, but in the minds of several hardcore fans, knew it would not be anything like the franchise. Having lost key elements, atmosphere and overall quality, SHDP falls at the wayside, becoming yet another horror title to be released. Now that I stop to think, developers actually nailed all the components that make a game silent hill material, however they failed to fine tune and immerse the story line with real depth and of course let the focal point of pyschological terror deteriorate. As observed in an exclusive interview with Vatras design director Brian Gomez, certain additions have made there way into the game such as an unprecendented open world experience amped up with “over a dozen side quests” allowing the player a new level of freedom. From opening doors (for those who have played games 1-3 you know what I’m taking about) to trotting out in the rain, Vatras and Konami are looking to impress us. As seen in Silent hill 1, 2, 3 & homecoming in particular the weather reflects the amount of danger the player is in or indicates they have entered the other world. (comments by Brian Gomez). From a marketing standpoint Konami and Vatras will likely see boosts in sales once the game is on shelves. As of late the video game industry at large has decline according to GOP and sales, as expected this time of year.

Akira Yamaoka| Daniel Licht | Music/Composer
Gozo Kitao, Akihiro Imamura | Tomm Hulett and Devin Shatsky | Producers
Original team silent | Current team silent | Developers
Masahiro Ito | Brian Gomez | Design director

Of the three major developing companies whom collectively were apart of silent hill 1, only Vatra Games remained and after eight installments who can blame Climaz Studios, Double Helix and the original team silent. It seems industries never know when they have a good thing and when they do we never see the end until it has become horribly unpopular. Take for example Hollywood fatal sequel syndrome, maybe others are excited about the idea of Shrek 6, but I am not. This particular project has tried desperately to create something wonderful, but did not invest enough research nor time into surveying all their options. Or perhaps even considering the series never needed a part eight to begin with. After Silent Hill: 4 the room, fans have slowly shyed away from the games after it. Pointing out the gatling gun should have stopped pumping out a while back when they still had a good thing going. But unfortunately the titans of industry seem to like milking the cash cow until its bone dry. As far as I am concerned let Silent Hill die with some dignity and inform the public that the canon events ended with Silent Hill 3. While others disagree I am curious to hear the publics opinion on this continuation. I have gathered a handful of comments from forums to see other perspectives.


Comments from forums and websites regarding SH: Downpour

In summation there seems to be excitement or opposition to Downpour, only time will tell if developers did not completely ruin the series.

CrawFail said…

But what’s the point? It’s not like you can use chat features doing that, it’ll ruin any atmosphere completely.. not to mention render the whole separation thing totally pointless.
Sorry, but the article has made me sad. I LOVE the Silent Hill games up to 4, after that they haven’t done anything right.
In my opinion they have two option:
1) Give it up and let it die with some dignity left
2) Get Team Silent back together and do it properly.

EL_T0R0Executioner said…

Im pretty stoked about this one! it looks like the developers have actually tried to make the game like how a silent hill game should be which is pretty sweet because recently as all us fans have seen the series has become pretty dumb because they keep having new devs and they keep trying to make the game something else when all they have to do to make the game a true silent hill game is take the original formula of the first game and the second n third and then work around it and tweak certain things and then you add some GOOD new things that ACTUALLY WORK and you then have a TRUE SILENT HILL GAME that will appeal to all the fans and also appeal to players who have not tried the game or have been turned off because of bad reviews. i think this will resurrect the series and brign the game to where it should be. a top top competeter in the survial horror action/adventure genre, this will be as good as Dead Space & Resident Evil.

SirHellsing said…

I’ve been slowly falling out of love with Silent Hill’s most recent releases. Homecoming was okay although it was a bit bland. Shattered Memories took everything I adored about the first games and threw it away. No combat and you run away from everything? The hell with that, I say. And now I’m already shaking my head at these details about Downpour.

In short, I don’t think a reboot is necessarily needed here. Team Silent, the people behind the first few Silent Hill games, absolutely needs to be brought back and revitalize this franchise. Because Silent Hill games are supposed to scare us, not feel dumb for wasting our money buying them.

of course. obviously i’m just bitter that that shit even exists, because the fact that it does, and is so wildy popular, is a testament to the way our nation is evolving….or should i say, devolving? in other words, Hollywood is all out of ideas, the mainstream music scene is complete bullshit, modern rock is full of pussies, and everyone just keeps floating by, accepting it…embracing it, even. can’t wait for 2012, because obviously those Mexican prophets knew the world was going to get sucked up its own asshole on that day of days.


The song may be a bad marketing attempt at attracting more people, but the game genuinely has me interested. I want to experience the content of the game, the song is in no way a deal breaker. It’s limited to the main menu, and has no effect on the OST by Daniel Licht.


I really wish Konami would bring Silent Hill back in house.  I love the first three but Origins, Homecoming and Shattered Memories are crap.


@Dextear i wish more people think like you, most of the ”fans” just want another silent hill 2 i mean it was great and all but team silent died and most people are hating games like homecoming or origins just for that, it kinda pisses me off that they are not even give in them a chance, at least this guys are trying to make another good game like the first 4 :/ (sorry for my english its my second lenguaje xD)

Pumped for this game, SO MUCH. The developers really seem to care and understand why the games are so strongly liked amongst its fanbase. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the fans hate it, but I personally feel like I’m going to love this game.

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