Just because its’ in 3-D does not mean its’ better

There seems to be a delusional acceptance that films presented in 3 dimensional format omits any capacity of poor theatrical qualities. A film missing key elements such as relevance, detail oriented character personalities, plot devices, storyline consistencies, graphic realism, production value, flowing dialog, well coordinated scenes, willful acting, skilfully perceptive casting, strong directing and artistic camera angles combined with excellent cinematography all contributes to a films utter failure or success. Too often Hollywood produces pictures half heartedly for the sake of profit. Truly Hollywood is a filtered vision of its’ former glory days when it was reputable for pumping out entourages of genius. Back when paparazzi were only allowed to take pictures of actors at private events and premier’s, when real talent triumphed over flash, when movie magic still existed, when theater’s showed talkies worth remember, golden years which have since fallen beneath a now crumbling walk of fame. Most of the world seems to be following in toe.


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