SSX Deadly Descents

An evolving empire, raising the bar for snow boarding games consistantly over the years. And for a long time I had virtually forgotten about SSX, until I come across the newest title of the franchise in the latest issue of Xbox magazine. I have not felt so excited about a video game since the release of game cubes. But unlike previous games, SSX Deadly Descent gives the series a complete face-lift, leaving non gore whipe-out and unrealistic thin threaded clothing in the snow. As per usual popular characters have been revived and revamped to match the dangerous intensity and atmosphere. EA games appears to be keeping up with the Joans’s and will be releasing the pc, ps3 and xbox 360. An interesting decision considering all previous games were released for the ps2. Currently a contest is being held, the prize? Being able to play SSX DD before everyone else and a trip to Vancouver where there will likely be snowboarding lessons and relaxation in Canada’s hot springs. But frankly I am not excited because no one ever wins and you never here about who won… However, for those optimistic enthusiasts, test your fortune and enter. Various exclusives with EA and developers walk fans through SSX’s meticulous construction. For more information about this brand new addition to the series, visit, and of course all major internet sources: twitter, facebook, ign, yahoo, msn and google 🙂


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