Seth {Super Street fighter IV}

At approximately 1:12 a.m. I beat the loathsome Seth on a medium difficulty on an infinite time limit with Sakura. A robot so disliked he has earned his own facebook page: . After a grueling five consecutive defeats, hit and misses, I finally subdued the merciless brute. Many gamers post desperate pleas in forums asking for a cure-all strategy to defeat Seth. But no iron clad method can be suggested, considering the enemy in question operates as adaptive Artificial intelligence. Making too many of the same moves eventually causes the A.I. to adapt, find structural weaknesses in your fighting style and use it against the player. Closely observing his tactics, you will begin to see loop holes, they may be tight, but blocking, dodging and hitting at precisely the right moments will dictate whether your screen say’s: You Win! or You Lose! Capcom’s Officially states Seth to be a creation of M. Bison along with his dolls, meant to serve as a lethally trained vessel prior to his death. Allowing him to attain everlasting life. Technically a piece of hardware in Shadaloo’s laboratory, Seth has a glimpse of a personality underneath umpteenth layers of ice. Phrases like ” My name is Seth, remember it” and “before long, a new age will dawn upon the earth and I will rule over all!”, causes even the calmest of people to spill all sorts of swears. Capcom admits to making Seth overly powerful, but still insists defeating him being completely possible. Quality video games will always pose a challenge, but must retort how utterly useless provided command list, which does not have a key allowing readers to decipher, interpret and apply directional symbols to their mastery of characters special and standard abilities. As a decent gamer, I admit to having taken months to learn the basic ground work of Super Street fighters combat system, from Ultra combos to bread and butter blocks. As an opponent Seth finishes fighters with cheap shots and laughs each time you fail. {is it just me or would he make a great motivational speaker?} Personally I have hatred for him because of all the minutes of my time I have wasted screaming in frustration over trying to whoop him, his snide overly confident, totalitarian attitude and annoying mug. Other then wanted to jump into the television screen to rip his head off, I have no begrudging feelings. Well considering how much of a jerk Seth acts like, I am through writing about it, out of annoyance.

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