L.A. Noire

Sworn in by sources throughout the gaming community, one of G4Tech’s website headlines and a buzz which shows no sign of dying down. Visiting your local game store is like stepping into a live action advertisement, with copies of L.A. Noire crowding shelves and critical praise by reviewers on the mounted televisions. But honestly I know very little about this highly popular virtual sensation. Developed by *insert company, Noire bares resemblance to such era themed 3rd person shooters like Mafia II and The Godfather.  Considering the advancement in-game developement, L.A. Noire’s graphics are understated, appearing outdated or not to the caliber of its high frag brothers and sisters: Bioshock, Gears of War, World of warcraft, Silent Hill Homecoming and Call of Duty. A reoccurring theme has sprung up, insisting a popular trend of making graphically 8-bit shoot-ems, arcade style and RPGs in an attempt to recapture what once made video games legendary and stoic (i.e. Alone in the dark, Clock tower, Pac-man, Super Mario 64, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Grand Turismo, Legend of Zelda and King of fighters). Highly sought after, Rockstar games heavily invested in the game’s developmental process, ranging from music rights to motion captured sessions bringing the characters to life in a way rendering never could. Hours of voice acting and cramming even to the last few hours, though not all remains well in paradise. RG stated horrible working conditions of their best and brightest, ultimately clashing with team Bandai  reports game informer and IGN. Their spat may mean no sequels to the well praised ensemble, seeing as RG and Bandai are not exactly on speaking terms… Either way Noire climbs its way into remembrance with delightfully interactive environments, richly saturated buildings & side streets, well schemed in-game neighborhoods reminiscent of its target era, excellent composition of realistic interrogation and NPC behaviors. Not having played the game myself even I found it genuinely grand in its’ own right and even from a removed perspective, in essence, form and contingency it deserves high marks on all accounts. Each case has fundamental mechanics from which to operate, but has potential to end in an infinite number of possibilities, laying ground work for a unique experience. Such as the idea behind random zombie spawning and adaptive scenarios of Left 4 dead, wherein each time a level starts, where a crowd of bloodthirsty undead may have been before now remains deserted. Paying homage to gamers who are tired of monotonous level designs and combat systems.

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