Omega Plague: Survivor’s and victim moment of silence

In the year 2083 CE a cross-species plague was released in the slums of the planet Omega. Countless Batarians, Turians, Sularians and various alien races were ravaged by the Omegian super virus. And those who did not succumb to the plague, were caught in the cross fire of waring Vorcha and Blue sun faction throughout the district. Many were sealed off in their apartments and homes, in an attempt to prevent spreading. A horrible inhumane due process and absolutely awful moment in galactic history. Salarian doctor Mordin Salaris, opened a clinic within the Quarantine zone and with limited resources, crafted a cure. Which was filtered through the sectors power station, which in turn circulated into the ventilation system. Delivering the anti-viral antidote to the entire area, saving many victims. As a marked date of respect, the Alliance, Citadel counsel and Omega honor those who died.

Rest in Peace


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