Blast from the distant past: Grand theft Auto

Since its fateful debut in 1998, Grand Theft Auto has evolved into one of the most popular M for mature rated games to date. From humble birds eye, pixellated 2-d graphics in such titles as GTA: London and part II to meshed and textured marvels of tomorrow Rock Star Games certainly continues to impress. *For those who are versed on their history would know before Rock Star games dawned they were known as DMA Design Ltd.* But in particular what sets GTA apart from other action adventure platformers? Essentially, numerous points come to mind, but we will take this nice and slow. By the time Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released fans were ecstatic about a new storyline, but more importantly a multi-racial protagonist. This trend would follow through when RSG released Liberty City stories: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Homosexuality and Bi-sexism in America is a hotly debated topic and for the company to release a title such as this attributes to their humor, light-heartedness, cultural acceptance and audacity. Over several years Rock Star games has fallen under heavy fire by parents, law makers, the ESRB and mass media for the nature and thematic materials present in the GTA series. Representatives of the development company make no apologies and in summation states “If you don’t like it, don’t play.” Specific parameters are set in place to control children being exposed to non age appropriate video games.  Say for instance Such as T for Teen and M for Mature ratings issued by the ESRB, preventing teenagers and elementary kids from playing games they shouldn’t. But aside from what extent legal intervention can be involved, you have to wonder. How children are able to get a hold of M for mature to begin with unless parents or siblings are allowing them to. Who can forget Andrea
Wilson vs. Midway Games
case, respectively a legal lawsuit deeming Midway Games responsible for her son’s death, implicitly product of a
disagreement between Noah Wilson and Yancy S. Civil suiting MG, Andrea fought “entitlement to damages under theories of product liability, unfair trade practices, loss of consortium and negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress. It is highly debated; the far left believing exposure to negative messages (i.e. violence) can alter behavior while the far right sees not distinction firmly reputing video games are not so influential that they can change moral or ethical behavior without some if not all awareness bad choices. And what a virtual existence! Liberty City offers devastating weaponry, night clubs to pass out in, hospitals to rampage, missions worth thousands, hilarious daytime television, high-speed lethal chases, internet cafes to spend useless hours finding secret websites and loads of eaters eggs, fun remains an endless barrage. As far as I know, grand theft auto was one of the first action-adventure games with a strong level of open world freedom. Recently fine tuned GTA IV follows suite with Silent Hill, Mass Effect, Bioshock and Fallout…moral choices. In-game decisions and dialogues which change how NPC’s respond to you, but can affect physical appearance or funnel into a bad ending because of malicious actions. In a way, modern video games psychologically profile its players, reflecting a persons true nature in a removable setting. And speaking of psych 101 all protagonists happen to be male…who would find something wrong with this statement? feminists. Not necessarily a watchdog group, but a rather vocal faction, no one hates Grand Theft Auto more than these angry Femmes. Women are not portrayed particularly well, but rather stereotypically primed, curvy & utterly promiscuous in micro minis paired with midriffs and stilletos. Either female characters are “hot-n-young” otherwise they fall under categories: old, unkept, proper and lacking magnetism in any way. Sure, “sex appeal” sells games, but what about girls who are tired of seeing their video game vixen counter parts. A few companies have strived to create realistic, average and down right down to earth women to light up the screen, but it is a rare sight. Not discounting the ethereal beauties from heavenly sword, The legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, several versus platformers, but I will leave out certain busty femme fatales from DOA. Case in point either you love Rockstar Games or you hate them. And despite all the challenges both legal and public they remain one of the top dogs. Delivering new levels of innovation to curb our insatiable appetites for such a fine tuned pass time or for some a way of life. I foresee many great things to come and always anticipate the absolute best from RSG.

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