Ultra Neko Scandal

Formatting an article such as this is difficult considering a majority of it is based on gossip, hearsay and assumptions in correlation with the very viral internet.Two to three years ago a female gamer named Sadie, created a video game channel called Sadie’s Gaming Infection. The total amount of subscribers has been alleged at 25,000 via forums while one statistic site ambiguously cites 26,508 [i]. While some fans have continued to disbelieve, online sources beg to differ. While no videos exists as evidence, a months long one, detailing a hiatus was viewable on her channel before it was removed.


One of several surviving photos of Sadie

One user had saved and resubmitted all of her interviews and episodes {no longer exists} for those who wanted to be able to watch Sadie from beyond the pixelated grave. A number of video responses have been posted throughout YouTube’s vast database, mostly comprised of fans angry perspectives and one show host GameMeetsGirl [ii] who was outraged at the fact , that UltraNeko did not have a passion for playing. I believe it boils down to the lying and deception and how betrayed people felt, not just fellow female gamers, but fans and floaters as well. Searching UltraNeko brings up all sorts of forums painting her [iii, iv, v] as a fraud. Currently her website has been taken down or simply cannot be found, along with her show or comments about the ordeal. I have looked at various online accounts, Facebook [vi], NIN [vii], twitter [viii] , msg forums.com [ix] and  cosplay.com. All her activities [x] seem to cease after 2009, hinting at complete hiatus after said incident. Some have disputed her twitter was created by someone other than herself, (however this comment is almost entirely unsubstantiated), comments on her channel informed subers it was not real. But without evidence of the comments prior to the channels deletion, it remains strong hearsay and testimony. Leaving the twitter profile in question an unreliable source of information (Let it be acknowledged that all UltraNeko’s twitter posts were time stamped as 2010, which does not match up with the inactivity of her other online profiles). I will try to contact those individuals, the entire metal gear team, Amanda Mack from The back room. In 2008, Coin Op TV , invited UltraNeko as an interviewee [xii] and guest on the show. Both hosts Robert Welkner and Hailey Bright, asked standard Q & A’s and told the back story of how her gaming origins began. Robert Welkner was unavailable for comment, but was thankful he responded. Aside from an ever faithful public, most people have immortalized [xiii] her as fake  and while the storm has blown over clearly her reputation has been stained. I would like to find out exactly what happened and not leave this story at the mercy of controversy. In a recent development Amanda Mack has not made any attempts to decline or submit a statement. From what it seems all people involved or associated with Ultra Neko seem to want nothing to do with the scandal or are far gone as for their involvement or insight on the events. I will attempt to contact three cast members from Metal Gear solid 4 and hopefully will have luck on my side.


As a recent development I had to change my article headline picture because at an unspecified time and date my image of Sadie and Robert Welkner was removed from myspaces database. Strangely enough this entire incident has become far more curious, then when I initially investigated it.
Staff Writer T.B.B.

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One Response to “Ultra Neko Scandal”
  1. Dan Wilson says:

    Just wanted to put this out there. Her OFFICIAL twitter was @casualtea (now used by someone else), not ultraneko. so you were correct in that,

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