Mirror’s edge exclusive: Faith and Jackknife

Playing multiple times, I never considered listening to the exchanges of dialog between faith and jackknife. But if anyone actually notices the dynamics, they show signs of a former relationship [i] and a sour one at that. Not to say Jackknife cannot be a royal pain, but shows signs of care and affection towards Faith, no matter how he presents it. Throughout the game he lures her into a trap, but warns her to be careful as seen in the Pirandello Krueger chapter cut scene [ii]. Jackknife also has a curious nickname for faith, she seems genuinely angered when he uses it. As if it once had strong sentimental significance. In addition, after interrogating Jackknife, faith tells Merc he can stop pretending not to listen. Implying Jackknife is a sensitive subject for Faith and that she prefers to not mention him if possible. Non canon fan fiction has been created linking the two as a romantic couple [iii] comprised of the following chapters, death for nothing | Faith’s survival | Chad’s findings | A disappointment and The tragedy. Leading on more players believe they were intimately involved with each other. During the chapter six cutscene, faith strongly questions if the Mall ambush was an attempt on her life, but Jackknife rebuffed, stating, “If I wanted you dead, don’t you think I would have killed you myself.” The tone in his voice presented a sense of obvious detachment. But from an emotional stand-point, it hinted at him not pursuing her in the past few months despite his knowledge of project Icarus. Meaning, deep down he felt the need to distance himself in order to fulfill his mission and hence forth cutting off all feelings he had for her. While Faith chases Jackknife over the roof tops, he behaves in a taunting manner if the player lags behind. Having a natural desire to annoy Faith, it may offer insight as to a once close, playful relationship. Perhaps when they were together he teased her as well, but in a different manner. This cognition bases off of speculation and intuitive assumption, but I will try to call ea and developers for comment.

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