Mariah Carey put on some clothes

I have been waiting to say this and it was long overdue, Mariah put on some clothes. Personally I am tired of seeing you half-naked in featured videos on Youtube. Having a fan base driven by showing skin  instead of raw talent is not something to be proud of. I do not deny you have a beautiful voice, children and spouse, but it does not detract from the indecency. Have a little respect for your body; I say try going for a few months and not doing anything too revealing, just casual you know. Then wait and see how many people stop following you, that is a sure fire way to find out who your real fans are. Whether or not you feel this, you set an example for girls, teens and young adults whom your music and pictures reach out to. Do you want to be apart of women normalizing sexual objectification and trying to make themselves “desirable” like you do? Well that is the ugly message you are promoting, so if you don’t want that then put on something decent and take some pride in yourself. You do not need to expose yourself, your vocals never needed sex to sell them.


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