Harleen Quinzel: Dumb Blonde?

Developers of Arkham Asylum & Arkham City have grown a habit of painting Harley Quin as a dim-witted piece of eye candy for the franchise opposite of Selina Kyle. But consistently throughout her appearance in comics she has always been endowed with genius to near genius level intellect [ii], in addition to graduating fromcollege with high marks in school leading to a prestigious scholarship to Gotham University. Advancing to eventually become a proficiently educated doctor, brilliant and astute, her only idiotic move was falling for the Joker [iii]. A sociopathic homocidal outcast bent on tormenting Gotham for amusement, attracting attention from Bruce Wayne or for no reason at all, Harley was swept up in his twisted personality and lust for causing chaos. And despite her involvement as a hench girl, in no way was she a puppet on strings. It upsets me because of stereotypical fall-backs the industry uses to iron clad sell their product. Understandably sales have to counter balance on behalf of budget contributions for development, marketing and distribution, however in my humble opinion I believe game developers & Hollywood alike need to experiment, taking a risk of losses to make worthwhile films and games. A vast majority of people are tired of seeing uncanny productions of past titles, simply with  different faces, slightly tweaked plot/setting and saturated sexuality each March (or secretly). In spite of fully supporting “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” I do indeed believe there are problems. While her curves, darkened lips, sinister smile and flowing movements may be tantalizing, she is far from dull minded. It reminds me of film adaptions which remove key elements of characters or cannon storyline information, which while at times allows directors to squeeze everything into 2 1/2 – 3 hours often damages the original story and can cause irreversible changes. And while it poses no problems for audiences who are not readers or comic book eaters, fans of the series being adapted, (usually comprising a majority of fillers in movie theatre seats or gamers, depending on the material/subject matter) are left frustrated because their favorite things have just been bastardized. I say, if you are going to breathe life into these characters/stories/comics/novels at least have the details right. Honestly in the case of Harley Quinn its evident  Rocksteady Studios, Warner Bros. and Square Enix [iv] & [v] among others did not bother cracking a book when reinventing H.Q. My guess, either it was convenient to turn Harley into a small-minded slut in a sexy nurse costume or decided their little production was of greater importance than bothering to stay true to who she really is. Well I will speak for myself in saying, have some damn respect for the material you use. And if they dare make another Batman sequel in 2012, I suggest accurately portraying Harley or not using her at all, case in point!

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