2011 Most outrageous

Worlds teeniest teen

Standing at a mere 23 1/2 inches Jyoti Amge of Jordan, reported by The Sun [i] and the guiness book of world records. As part of a related Yahoo! article it certainly deserved a place on this list.

New York City Brooklyn Bridge arrests


 By far the third largest mass arrest on record in the history of the U.S. [ii], as stated on news sources police brutality & civil liberties were infringed upon. According to protestors, they were lead onto the bridge and proceedingly were netted by officers. NPR reports a woman pepper sprayed  for reasons unknown, but chances are many more suffered [iii]. The  NCPD released a statement claiming they gave fair warning before making arrests [iv].

10,000 Black birds fall in Arkansas

Mentioned in an article on this blog, a large number of black birds dropped dead at midnight this past New Years. Police attributed the unexplicable incident a result of tramua from fireworks. Despite this official cause of death it is highly unlikely considering the staggering amount of birds dying at the same time. And the inconsistencies of the hypothesis because if fireworks could cause flying animals to die in this manner  similar occurences would have been documented in the past. [vi]

Harold Camping Doomsday prediction


According to wikipedia, his syndication with Christian radio stations and followers Camping has made predictions in the past. Astounded by his own failed prophecy he has since withdrawn any further statements regarding armageddon [vii].

Netflix Owner revenue plummets

Back in September [viii] Reed Hastings made a drastic company move by raising prices and splitting his services into to branched websites, netflix & quickster. This would prove to be a fatal mistake, as it angered over 1 million customers worldwide leading to a 70% stock value drop [ix] and a heavy blow to their overall profit margin.

Creepiest collection of 2011

While looking for cover art for Titan A.E.’s motion picture soundtrack on flickr, I stumbled across one of the creepiest collections of 2011. A complete archive of Drew Barrymore’s career from movies to magazines dating back to, the only thing missing is a wax figure. Being a big Marilyn Monroe fan myself some might call me obsessed,but I guess reading about her life, filmography and knowing trivia apparently is. However this reaches new heights, I would only collect her first issue of playboy but thats about it.

Best article of 2011

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