Not enough icing!

For anyone fond of toaster strudel shares my frustrations with there ever inconsistent commercials, claiming consumers can create fun, adorable designs on their filled pastries. But for avid eaters who know better have always run into the dilemma of not being given enough icing and ended up using two packets instead of one. Leaving one lone strudel without any topping, which does not seem so bad, but turns into a dry flaky square of bread without lubrication to slide down your throat or past the uncomfortable areas of your mouth. So from one former strudel lover to another:

Dear Pillsbury,

It has come to my attention your product “Toaster Strudel” does not provide an ample amount of iced frosting. Finally deciding to complain, I think I speak on behalf of some when I say “Start packaging surplus amounts of icing, stop cheating us out of that final toaster strudel in the box and promoting the ability to decorate on them.” As a matter of fact as a direct result of this problem I have not eaten T.S. for years. Please take this into account and apply it to your business practices accordingly.











Sincerely Princess Frostine


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