Animated V logger, popular public commentator and arguably the most popular internet comedian on YouTube. Stumbling across her channel almost two years ago while browsing spider videos, coming across “Irrational Spider Fears”. A perfect epitome representing anyone’s morbid dread of those creepy long-legged freaks of nature. Ironically Natalie seems to have a  way with words that communicates everyday random thoughts, annoyances and genuinely funny jokes we can all relate to. A growing online personality with a fan base of over 1 million Tran has rapidly climbed ranks with originality, good material and mind-blowing editing software. Being sponsored has funded several international trips to beautiful locations, sharing her thoughts, humor and incredible facts about the sights she visits. A trademark sets of phrases like “hi”, “baby I know”, “thumb me” and the segment porno music slash comment time have become iconic to subscribers like myself. My main reason for giving Nat so much recognition is because I feel there are other people who may have never heard of her before. And honestly love sharing funny content, just to make my friends and family laugh. Jam packed with sketches, pop culture references, but never dull CommunityChannel definitely does more than kill time.


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