Blades of Time Demo (Xbox 360)

Out of curiosity I decided to download two new demonstration play throughs of indie horror Title “Amy” and Blades of time. I cannot say enough horrible comments in regards to developers hindrance of a combat system, unreliable targeting system, overly powerful enemies and nonstrategic button layout. Visually mystifying such high marks or scantily clad female main characters do not balance out obvious flaws. While playing it was difficult to handle Ayumi, let alone familiarize with her attack abilities. Secondly, in light of being a demo I am never able to access any alternative weapons beyond swords, dashing virtually does nothing seeing as human opponents are still able to shoot on-point and health regeneration which only activates once you are in a stationary position and not under attack. Eventually I succumbed to utter frustration after being killed numerous times and even being forced to retreat in order not to die. Perhaps the ultimate drawback was how easily Ayumi perishes and need only sustain a handful of hits before falling to the ground in a pool of her own blood. Overall I superficially certify a whopping 5/10.

Graphics: 8/10 Dialogue: 4/10 Character design: 5/10 Storyline: 3/10

Earnestly Gaijin Entertainment mimicked elements of the Prince of Persia Sands of time, created yet another duplicitous half-naked male nerd fantasy and managed to produce aesthetic frivolity. The entire ensemble was sloppy in execution, lacked originality or drive and failed to leave a lasting impression.


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