Top Underrated Films of all-time

As a harsh critique countless hours of footage have passed through my eyes and despite being merely twenty, have already acquired a repertoire of films which stand out as non-mainstream, poorly received, loosely advertised or scathed by others of my caliber. And factually are largely over looked in the vast sea of summer block busters, stand-by classics and  halfhearted sequels. But today I am going to give a long awaited declaration of recognition toward….

Rec (2007) Directed by Jaume Balagueró & Paco Plaza

B-grade horror centered around a local television correspondent who spends the evening with Fire fighters to report what their jobs entails for a occupational interest piece. How ever the night quickly pivots from fun to frightening when a call leads them to a troubled apartment building. Inside most residents are on the first floor, only being able to confirm a disturbance. Proceeding to investigate four people go upstairs to procure the situation, but what they find gives way unspeakable terrors. Remade in 2008 with Jennifer Carpenter co-star on of showtime’s hit TV series Dexter, they practically reenact each scene frame by frame, but essentially lose what was captured in the former. REC may be low budget but retains real suspense, better acting and surprisingly originality. Quarantine was likely a means to recycle the idea and introduce it to a broader range of viewers, but failed miserably.

Gran Torino (2008) Directed by Clint Eastwood

Uncompromising, lividly honest and rough around the edges, but executes its humor, story and message flawlessly. This happens to be the first Eastwood flick I have ever seen and thoroughly understand why people speak so highly and fondly of him. Some were supposedly turned off by certain bits of racial dialogue within script, but feel those who did missed the entire point. Clint Eastwood’s character was prejudice bottom line, but if that was the only focal point they cannot appreciate the beauty of his presentation especially at the climax. Highly relative to residents in Minnesota, considering one of the main characters Tao is portrayed by Bee Vang whom caught a huge break during auditions. Working with a legend must have been incredible and I imagine he would agree with me. Perhaps what stood out most was Walt’s shocking relationship with his children and grand kids. Clearly their sole interest was in inheriting money or possessions, eagerly hinting at retirement homes on his birthday which was appalling. Though it ties into relevance, because many familial dynamics occur in reality. Clint Eastwood makes all the right moves!

Heathers (1988) Directed by Michael Lehman

The Mother of all teen flicks, it succeeds in painting an outrageous portrait of teenage angst, clique’s, High school social hierarchy and homicidal attraction. An absolute cult favorite Lehman mixes surrealism by exaggerating aspects of adolescence and breathing life into its darker twin. Veronica a truly individualist intellectual associates with three of the most popular girls on campus. Clearly different she only spends time with them for status, but has an obvious distaste for their methods and behavior. This all changes when JD transfers to Westerburg and lures her into his world of anarchy. What begins as practical jokes and colloquial hypothetical turns into murder disguised as suicide. On part of her peculiar gift for exacting handwriting pumps out believable notes to match their deaths, Veronica soon realizes only she can end the madness. Far more sinister and witty than Mean Girls, this eighties satire delivers!

More to come…


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