Diablo Cody {One Hit Wonder}

Renowned for her hit screenplay “Juno” Cody has managed an elevated status of success, but beyond Ellen Page’s quirky portrayal never seemed to recapture mainstream commercial recognition. Prior to watching Young Adult several months back it struck me as a deeply disturbed film with equally disparaged and then today realised Miss Cody wrote the material. Truly chances are a faithful fan base of followers enjoy her off-beat style, but personally am under the impression unpopularity trails behind this Chicago native rather than partiality. Unfiltered anecdotal accounts passed through gossip circles, rules of relativity suggest an ugly portrait of Diablo in terms of personality and attitude. One reviewer claims “Detailed criticism from someone in the Industry I never worked with Diablo Cody (she was before my time), but I know someone who did. She was the one who suggested I read the book. Afterwards, we both talked about how we want to write the anti-Diablo Cody strip-club book. This book is like A Million Little Pieces, but because of the veiled nature of the industry, the facts are harder to check. I think the book is disgraceful, but the fallacies and exaggerations are mostly hidden to those who have never worked in the industry.” – Otoki MN. 2009 [ii]. Disaster Jennifer’s Body tainted my taste beside my love of Juno it appears talent has little part to play in her cinematic triumphs. Another point of conclusion came after critiquing Young Adult and coming to a general consensus that Diablo Cody takes on a cynical snark approach while developing characters, dialogue and plots.  Without blathering on pointlessly I will say unless she blasts movie buffs like myself out of the proverbial water it seems pregnant teenagers will be her only occupational highlight. Featured for several interviews, magazine debuts and mild media events nothing monumental stands out to explain her self-supposed trendiness and x-factor. There are other undervalued screen writers, directors and starving artists who offer supplicant their life’s work & passion, who died and crowned a woman so highly bloated with pride and importance queen? Perhaps my jagged ranting may cut into Miss Cody too deeply, but then again maybe not. Albeit perhaps this entire blog entry has helped in personal discovery of the fact that I simply dislike her…it may be the latter and the former.

[i]. http://media.wnyc.org. Web. 16 Jul 2012

[ii]. Otoki. “Detailed criticism from someone in the Industry.” “Ref. of Cody, Diablo. Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper (Hardcover) New York: Penguin Group, 2004. Print.


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