Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s edition (xbox 360)

Being called “Game of the year” by and highly anticipated by fans for months nail biting as the count down surged into March. Not having played the original title I became borderline obsessed with enthusiasm after picking up Mass Effect 2. Having spent hours each night visiting Afterlife, traversing through the mass relay and choosing hundreds of dialogue options until my eyes burned from fatigue. Being my first pre-ordered title my excitement was on par with a giddy school girl. The nightmare that ensued was beyond anything imaginable, a rather souring experience. Well aware of its limited quantity I proactively reserved my copy back in November of 2011 as a fail safe and revisited Gamestop a handful of times to ensure it was for the proper platform. To my horror  upon release swung by to pick up my N7 edition, the sales clerk placed a PS3 version onto the counter. After insisting their was an error, pleaded for further choices and he was nice enough to mention two Xbox 360 Mass effect 3‘s that had not been picked up yet. The official policy states a total of 72 hours must pass before a pre-ordered copy can be taken by another customer and it was the longest three days of my life. Prior to attempting to contact me I sent someone to retrieve it. Delighted with long awaited enjoyment I hastily liberated all contents from a black, red and white bag. Nearly overzealous I remember the DLC bonuses and proceeded to enter my codes and be fully equip. From there I spent three frustrating days messaging EA tech support. Perhaps most concerning Electronic Arts does not have a telephone number or mailing address, only forums and a help center which basically chalks up to a question and answer database. Though thank god for my tenacity, perseverance remains my greatest weapon. And can confidently say I am happily able to access multiplayer and play with my N7 gear.

Galactic Readiness

An absolutely ridiculous parameter which can significantly help or hinder ones perfect end game scenario. For those who extensively plug hours into multi-player are merely boosting their chances of success. Frustratingly enough, not playing for several hours or days drops you percentage which is highly inconvenient. Especially for those who cannot afford an Xbox Live gold membership. Frankly multiplayer should not have been directly tied into the war asset aspect of game-play and only apply to gold members whereas free accounts ratings would remain unaffected. Subversively it secretly serves as an additional revenue boost, forcing gamers to invest in an account upgrade in order to ensure their suicide mission success. A truly cheap shot by bioware and Microsoft, shame on you! If I had not mentioned before how idiotic the entire idea was let me reiterate the pure moronic infantile nature of it all.

Loading Issues & Glitches Galore

Textures occasionally compensate for the rich environment and models thus downgrading to save overall integrity. Though not particularly unsightly it does pose a problem when I am attempting to customize armor or change my casual outfit. This can be quite annoying since it happens on a regular basis. Additionally my extraction mission on Sur’kesh always freezes the first time around prior to activating the elevator. With angry cursing or wishful thinking and making the odd action of talking to my Xbox the level usually loads. Though ME 3 has made great strives it honestly has serious revamp potential. And requires dire reconfiguration, maybe with a smoother design and less technical bugs. Certain missions and side quests was strongly reminiscent of Saints Row the third Deckers.Die level wherein Matt Miller creates a terrible lag as a means to cheat. Unfortunately in this case the impediment happens to be anything but deliberate. Some obstructions are minor, but when it becomes a matter of grave importance, such as finding myself stuck in a corner while the enemy continuously attacks  then it creates cause to complain. Perhaps developers should have taken additional time to ensure a bug free operating system before hastily meeting March deadlines. A well made game can stand the test of ages…though so can a poor one.


Rather extensive however unlike Mass Effect 2, improvisations have become chaotically confusing as well as a distraction. Perhaps adhering to the fundamentals hallmarks of its predecessor would have safe-guarded a worthy third installment. Simply put noticeable differences were re-adjustments were made failed to reach proper areas. Transitions and full make-overs were not applied to proper places. The best alteration was the combat system by far and the worst being reputation systems. Random conversations and ambiguous scores does not necessarily make clear indication of whether or not the player received paragon or renegade points until an advanced position in the game, rather stupid honestly.

Weapon Layout

I never understood why squad members can only have two weapons equip at any given time, which comes across as highly illogical considering Shepherd has access to all five. Leaving my team ill-armed seems like a deliberate implemented handicap or over sighted mistake. Either explanation equally boils down to absolute idiocy & wasted opportunity to optimize effectiveness of AI partners.


Certain objects or simply texture versus model interactions have obstructed my freedom of movement in combat situations and in some cases has left me in line of enemy fire/attacks. Personally it seems to be a rudimentary level glitch and should have been streamlined before ME: 3 was released. In all practicality fighting within the series was moderately re-conceptualized to create a sense of fluidity and in fact accommodate natural movement. Unfortunately in some cases this system has yet to become an exact science, which within coming years will surely be perfected.

Bonus Content

Unmentioned in this screen capture, pre-ordered copies include an exclusive robot dog, N7 casual wear sweatshirt for pastime between missions and powerful arsenal of weaponry. In terms of DLC this package has been fairly priced but does not reach beyond any other collector’s edition in terms of physical extras. Having flipped through my art book I was unimpressed by what was inside and felt additional or different concept images may have made it worth keeping. All other comments aside it was equally disappointing to receive a Velcro patch rather than a standard sew on version. 

Multiple Endings

Often dire situations do not offer a large amount of options, but the three choices I was given had an overly whelming state of familiarity. Some individuals have theorized humanities compulsion to inevitably destroy itself, world peace and of course controlled populations. All were discussed in a matter of minutes and in an odd way trivialized any need for drawing out such long story telling which composed Mass Effect 1, 2, & 3. Practically it remains highly implausible for every living creature within existence to be simultaneously converted into organic-synthetic being; it sounds laughable at best. Essentially Bioware spent several years and hours of our lives to simply say “Shepherd is a genetic legacy to eternal peace and a key to the final stage of evolution. “Losing so many good people during my journey felt unnecessary and tragic. It may have been better to end Shepherd’s tale with Mass Effect 2, when the main plot still was conducive and not outlandishly unbelievable. Albeit being connected to Shepherd intimately, in all finality it has become an unfortunate parody of dull proportions. I prefer an ending where I decimate the reapers and create stronger ties between all races, because honestly it makes more sense. An overwhelming response from the gaming community at large ultimately pressured Bioware to release an alternate ending to pacify waves of angry swells of fans. Truthfully a majority of the game play was enjoyable, but must agree with a vast amass which comprises the gaming community by rating Mass Effect a 6.5. Not an utter disaster, but sour disdain which may have tainted any rekindled enthusiasm for future installments.

Overall rating: 7.8/10 Final Word: Not worth it

Graphics: 8/10 Dialogue: 7.5/10 Game play: 6.7/10 Rendering: 7.8/10 Development 8/10

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