Batman: The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

Courtesy of an endearing friend I was privileged with access to a pre-screening. Even before entering the actual theater itself I saw over a dozen fans gathered in camping fashion, pop bottles strewn across their areas, card games and banter amidst their excitement. If this premature hype was not enough to further stoke my glee, finally sitting down watching Bane and his loyal miscreants evacuating a plane from mid-air nailed the proverbial coffin. For those who are avid comic book readers are well aware of Bane’s I.Q. and origins. Thankfully Christopher Nolan made a perfect choice in Tom Hardy, who portrayed bane as we might have dreamt. Mean to portray a commanding presence, it was his overall calm demeanor when committing acts of violence which frightened me acutely more so than his voice, physique or ability to kill a person in multiple ways.

As part of Wayne Industries development regarding fusion power, was engineered to produce an unprecedented form of sustainable energy. An invaluable endeavor on behalf of Bruce and his shareholders failed to uncover any results to a  primary investor whom fully supported said project financially. Having been in “retirement” for several years, viewers see a disgraced Bruce Wayne out of sorts and spiritually deadened. In respects, being a remnant of the former man & “Bat” he once was. Herein we are introduced to the elusive Selina Kyle, world class cat burglar and jewel thief. Posing as a maid, steals Martha Wayne’s heirloom pearl necklace whilst searching for fingerprints. Hoping to use her new found open market leverage is met with resistance, but methodically thwarts death and flexes one of nine lives using Deputy Commissioner Foley as a safeguard. An interested player of the puzzle desperately wants to aid in Bane’s plans and manipulates Ms. Kyle by promising a clean slat from her checkered past. At mercy of owed debts Selina makes some taxing decisions which both harm and help Batman. In being turned in our iconic scene of Bruce’s back being broken by Bane crumbles seemingly defeated, but rises again reborn with relenting belief in himself. Mustering enough gusto in order to save Gotham City one last time.

Authorities close in on Bane through his tightly controlled tunnel systems meanwhile, Caught in a sensitive cross-fire citizens are attentively arrested during their seasons football game. Trapped underground are thousands of police officers whom walked into a cement laced trap cannot contain the chaos transpiring above. After proceedings from a young boy singing the national anthem, the entire playing field collapses unfolding a hellish scenario. Grabbing a stray headset from the deceased referee bellows his conditions, demands and drive for completing Ra’s Al Ghul vision. Explaining any attempts of escape as initiative to detonate the actively destabilizing nuclear core. Forced into a state of totalitarian rule civilians are subjected to an informal due process wherein their fate draws to two conclusions: death or exile walking over an icy river. Armed mercenaries patrol the streets monitoring any movement, dually enforcing dominance and promoting an anarchist social structure. The tale of the pit prison was masterfully woven with Bruce’s experience in painful recovery. Perhaps the drawing point of the entire ensemble we later realise Natalia daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul laid behind these ugly turn of events. Born in imprisonment Natalia was fiercely protected by Bane until her ascent; later rejoining the league of shadows she posed as Miranda Tate, hence her immense interest in the reactor technology. Therein gaining access proved vital to her objective. Exacting revenge for her fathers murder and fulfilling his dying wish was meant to be her ultimate victory. Prior to failed try at transporting people from the island, our protagonist rides into the sunset taking the bomb with him. It felt befitting for Bruce to finally be able to remove himself from the equation and go on to live a semi-normal life. Unless Nolan plans on launching a series on Robin, I think he has outdone himself.

Surprisingly what aspect left a lasting impression was not Batman & Selina’s eventual peaceful partnership, but Gotham being terrorized by Bane. Truly a frightening display of how easily civilized systems can be broken down through orchestrated events. Not excluding utterly thin barriers between morality, ethics and initiated self-serving reality as ruling law. Thirdly and most disturbing was with the swiftness of citizens and law enforcement adapted conditions set forth. Within hasty succession appearing to adhere to their new found exemplary position from punishment or persecution, openly lavished in it. Unwittingly I may have opened room for a horrifying conclusion. Despite Batman’s striving sacrifices Gotham will always need saving and without a presence of reason may destroy itself, never requiring a vigilante to do so. In a complex theory, there was never anything significantly wrong with Batman, but in fact it Gotham has been the seriously damaged part of the scale all along. Merely roused by a special set of circumstances nay momentum to reveal any order placed for its one sake, but in actuality an illusion; food for thought…

Emotionally awesome performances and dialogue delivery on part of Michael Kane, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Matthew Modine and Tom Hardy.

Anne Hathaway puts on her charms as cat woman like a well fitted mask, delighting us in humor, subterfuge and character coloring which is Selina Kyle. Capturing her roles complexity moderately projecting Catwoman and Batman’s conflicting relationship tug-o-war.Fresh talent in my eyes Tom Hardy closely portrayed Bane as I envisioned as a real man. Let his work be highlighted in complimentary blending with his fellow cast members. Welcomed as another acclaimed villain in the series, I give him high marks indeed. As certain parts could only be done by him and any other actor might not create a similar impact which was certainly felt by myself and others.

Performances:  9/10 Directing: 9/10 Dialogue/Script:  10/10 Cinematography: 10/10

Honorable mention goes to actress Marion Cotillard for effectively fooling my common sense until her crescendo as the films central antagonist. In my opinion anyone in acting who manages to inspire intense emotions or reactions from their audience possesses true ability in their profession and upholds Hollywood’s Golden Age of gifted silver screen stars.

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