The Amazing Spider-man (2012) Review

Faithfully following Spider-man’s humble print beginnings, this reboot satisfies in every way all previous films never were able. In spite of my skepticism, surprisingly Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield successfully revitalized Stan’s vision for his web slinging hero, giving me hope. Most astonishing was Andrew Garfield whom while not nearly as cute as Toby stole thunder from underneath McGuire with remarkable flair. Classically audiences do not miss any significant details of importance but between us must advocate for Marvels reboot a far cry improved. Often I am not in a desired position of promoting remakes because of their infectiously frivolous nature, but stand firmly behind Marc, T.A.S. blasts away dull gray filters offering a youthful retry. While it shares similarities Spider-man and The Amazing Spider-man differ in tone, direction, cinematography, approach and personifications.

Viable replacements Sally Field and Martin Sheen while appropriate for this films line-up of cast did not necessarily best Rosemary Harris and Cliff Robertson, but stood vibrantly. Equally admirable to the first movie, but happily separate in the same respect. Additionally relationship dynamics between Gwen and Peter felt more natural rather than scripted or forced. Stone and Williams embodied a believable chemistry with high relativity value via their target audience(s)(fans, new comers and returning patrons). Every aspect was taken under heavy construction & drastically enhanced. Where Toby McGuire lacked expression, Williams picked up slack, when Mary Jane mostly seemed interested in Parker whimsically whereas Stone came across as actually concerned with being in a romantic partnership whether or not conveniently. Co-stars glowed stoically from each others exuberance, lighting up the screen with warmth. By far my favorite part was the tension between Peter and Gwen’s father, they really perfected real-life interactions between boyfriends and parents. Which seemed conducive whereas Mary Jane’s mother and father barely appeared if at-all, making their role in the film virtually meaningless. At face value Webb’s revamped prequel holds heart, charm and wholesomeness; though not brilliant definitely a breath of fresh air.

Performances: 9/10 Directing: 7/10  Script/Dialogue: 8.5/10  Cinematography: 7/10

Overall rating: 8

[i]. Web. 2012.


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