…And I’m a mormon

Apparently this particular sect of believers have been stigmatized in society as incestuous, odd and followers of a cult among other accusations. For this reason a campaign has been launched online, specifically on YouTube broadcasting members of the church of Mormon, showing they are no different from anyone else. Initially the sentiment was eye opening and pleasant to see, but prior to viewing over forty testimonials via being barraged frequently (these days YouTube likes to harass users with ads before videos start) or more grew tired. I firmly defend peoples rights to their religion, ethics and morality. I am not exhausted with educating or reclaiming ones place in our world but am just plain agitated with seeing their commercials. Advocating for respect in no way happens to be wrong, though I personally do not discriminate. Being quite different and therefore outcast as a young girl, haughtily passing judgement would be the worst pain to inflict on someone else. Living in America means freedom… of expression in all forms, but equally we must accept others may judge us no matter who or what we are. And thus in all sincerity and genuine understanding…your a Mormon I get it!


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