George Robert Twelves Hewes

My peers,

Educational institutions adamantly strive to teach students fundamental practices which will prepare them for higher learning. But too often these precursors offer little advantage in college settings; strangely in spite of the gross overuse of studying, there exist no succinct definitions of method or practical applications in accordance with individual learning styles or subject matter.There appears to be a distinct difference between memorization and actually absorbing information. At times I fail to understand which quality professors are truly hoping for. An author named Alfred F. Young wrote a novel revolving around the American Revolution, however interpreted through the eyes of a working class soldier from Boston, Massachusetts. Offering a virtually unexplored perspective, critics have rightly raved its literary approach. Yet trying to take notes to aid in my personal comprehension has been terribly challenging. My mind has a penchant for selectively recalling topics, people, events, stories or places which are interesting. While this may seem wonderful, in the recurring case I happen to be faced with topics of low fascination, cannot remember these facts to save my life. It constantly becomes an issue and thus rather than receiving any benefit from my course work and materials, merely memorize than quickly forget. In other scenarios specific data poses issues because of the ambiguity of which sections are areas to focus on. Being forced to exercise personal judgement becomes quite nerve rattling, especially since at all points, my academic reputation lays ever precariously on the line. One might venture to say these pressures and inhibitions are somewhat debilitating. If by fate anyone reading this has recently graduated, operates as a faculty/board member or currently attending classes please leave any advice I may be able to utilize before September 20th.

Many Thanks; A stressed out Freshman


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