National Affairs go unnoticed

Do news segments drift in and out of viewers eyes and ears? Each morning I cannot help, but gather a sense of dread; fear for what has been happening around me. And while those such as myself take interest in glancing at headlines each day, others are preoccupied with Valentine’s Day not Gun control debates or at least how proposals will affect us if passed. If there were a divine sign from above foretelling actions which can actively be taken, they would be carried out. Chiefly ambiguity persists daily wherein my concentration, clear thoughts and vigor are sedated by a chronic fatigue in mind, body and spirit. We have been conditioned toward indifference, apathy and carelessness amongst one another.

Tragically Americans are responsible for their country’s great decline, lack of chosen trades, domestic production, mutual philanthropic communities, clout imbalances amidst government branches and overwhelming corporate subterfuge nay influence not discounting advanced social decay has caustically contributed.

Why citizens have not demanded panels to address congress, senate, law makers and local elected officials concerning resolutions, bills, executive orders, amendments and acts stands as simply appalling. Anxiety springs forth from worries of the future, quoted yet so true I am fearful of what tomorrow holds. It no longer weighs promise, hope, light, but adversely darkness, despair and disappointment. Esoterically which ever conclusion these horrible sagas may settle matters little, for all visions of perfect civilizations or infrastructures collapse in a frivolous rebirth. However unlike a Phoenix who burns asunder thoughtfully, final hours for humanity shall resurrect and crumble fruitlessly. I am beginning to believe mankind can only be saved through its own destruction.


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