Gun Control

In a sudden epiphany I deduced implementing stricter guidelines, laws and protocols for civilians being able to purchase fire arms specifically military grade rifles does not protect them from criminals. Why suddenly a substantial fraction of the public are rallying in support makes a mockery of relative violence during epoch periods. When crime rates were astronomical in areas of New York (1980’s) and Chicago (1920’s) no pressure or requests for legal intervention were urged. Selectively ignoring prevalent existing evidence of mentally unstable individuals owning weapons invalidates this intensified griping.

Clearly officials are hardly interested in minimizing heinous criminal elements, otherwise they would have long formerly taken affirmative action. Ironically bystanders die everyday in all corners from hails of bullets, but no vengeful vindicator represents them or demands justice. Do not mistake me for a heartless commentator, the children of Sandy Hook did not deserve their fates, but neither did countless others. Numerous fatalities have transpired in St. Paul and Minneapolis over a ten year span, senior officers held press conferences announcing investigations and still follow-up reports are never mentioned later and these victims fade into oblivion. If our nation has been overrun by maniacal sadist psychopaths I want faith, family, friends and an automatic shotgun by my side.


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