February vocabulary

PolysaccharidesComplex carbohydrates

Catheter a tubular, flexible surgical instrument that is inserted into a cavity of the body to withdraw or introduce fluid.

Rosicrucian member of mystical organization: a member of an international organization concerned with esoteric wisdom derived from ancient mystical and philosophical doctrines

TesseractFour dimensional cube; quaternary extension of a cube

Ergonomics study of workplace design: the study of how a workplace and the equipment used there can best be designed for comfort, efficiency, safety, and productivity

Anathematize Formally curse, denounce or excommunicate somebody or something

Zeitgeist the ideas prevalent in a period and place, particularly as expressed in literature, philosophy, and religion

Tenure permanent status: the position of having a formal secure appointment until retirement, especially at an institution of higher learning after working there on a temporary or provisional basis

Providence God’s guidance: the wisdom, care, and guidance believed to be provided by God; good judgment and management: good judgment and foresight in the management of affairs or resources


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