Hearsay of the illuminati, chem-trails and project MK-Ultra

Conspiracy theorists are portrayed as completely illogical psychotic members of society, but perhaps by delving into their claims we could come to understand. One insightful person once said “do not call people crazy, its dismissive.” And in reality truth is often stranger than fiction.

MK-Ultra – A Federal project which essentially mastered the art of programming the human mind for a specific purpose.

It may sound farfetched, but their are modern forms of this (i.e. social conditioning, commercial psychology, army training and cognitive behavioral therapy. These are types of mental rectifications not necessarily sinister, but if our minds can be redirected in conjunction with positive outcomes that negatives ones are not possible either?

Illuminati Cabal of individuals whom influence areas of politics, global finance, militant forces and religion to achieve certain aims.

Lacking copious perception obvious class gaps exists in all civilized countries and earnestly their are families and people who possess clout and vast wealth. Ironically some are by no coincidence situated in positions of leverage (i.e. corporate chairs, congress, senate, board seats etc) and subsequently affect decisions.

Chemical trails – inorganic matter spread via commercial airplanes in order to poison local populace

This claim ties into population control and eugenics, however even if this was completely fabricated, foods are treated with harmful agents (i.e. pesticides, hormones, anti-biotics, preservatives, tar charcoal dyes), industrial pollutants typically linger in the air (i.e. major cities) and approved mass water filtration methods contain malign substances and heavy metals (e.g. mercury, lead & fluoride). At bare minimum we should plea for improvements in the topics mentioned above.

If one statement can be agreed upon, we are all aware of farces and known our infrastructure has been deeply flawed, therefore no one person can attest perfection or equilibrium as of present. From a logical view I can simply say I have increasingly noticed inconsistencies.


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