Internally I interpreted a condensed message of politics. Disingenuous campaign slogans, discontented voters (unrequited support from their titular future leaders who’s supporters shoulders were stood upon, upset because they  did not observe yielded results as expected and disgruntled in a passive yet cyclic manner), apathetic acquiesce (an ample amount of frustration which incites complaining but not enough to rouse actual action or initiative – “rebel, rebel, b*itch, b*tch, rebel, rebel, party, party, sex, sex, sex, and don’t forget the violence), “its all the same you can ask for it by name” (republican, democrat, conservative, liberal, green party – all sides sharing one coin) and finally but paramount: “So let us, entertain you. So let us, entertain you.” Speaking from the perspective of  congressman, mayors, governors, presidential candidates and senators, their entire journey from GOP, elections to being instated in their respective offices laconically functions merely as a facade. No less literal or metaphoric than a Shakespearean theater performance, audiences participate, attach themselves with certain characters, briefly might think it to be real losing themselves in excitement, though once the curtain draws everyone knows it was only a show.


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