Fukushima Disaster


This morning I woke up and realised an inevitability of mass pollution between all countries laying along the North Pacific Ocean. Residents of California have reportedly already observed immediate effects, particularly birth defects which usually only presents itself following prolonged exposure over several years. America’s city water supplies may not be connected thereby in this specific route eliminates widespread contamination, weather precipitation will eventually carry excess from Japan’s nuclear spill.


My greatest fears being what havoc irradiated rainfall can and may have on our ecosystem. Generational adulteration with certainty would damage natural cellular repair as well as replication of flora alongside fauna. Peculiar cellular formations or mutations may make these species infertile as a result or hazardous to consume. Does it mean selected animals in addition to plant life need be preserved now, thereby possessing said life forms in their original biological state. A large percentage of h2o would become unfit for human consumption. Chances are we might share a similar fate to those within the Fallout universe, whereby Wasteland residents suffer from tainted DNA caused by heavy rad content in their drinking water. Finding other uncorrupted sources from countries such as Greenland or Antarctica are viable granted farther expansion patterns do not occur (the waste traveling higher near the Arctic circle or past Panama). Whether we respond does not halt this septic progression. Disregarding affirmative or preemptive actions, the logical realities could stretch beyond our control. Even if Chernobyl was not enough of a cautionary warning, indefinitely any remaining Nuclear plants should be decommissioned considering their existence poses a constant risk.


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