Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines: Clans Casting

Brujah “Warrior-scholars”

 Blade | Blade

Saga of Riddick | Riddick

Blood the last vampire | Saya Otonashi

The Punisher | Frank Castle

Gangrel “Bestial shape-shifters

Underworld  | Raze

Ginger Snaps | Ginger Fitzgerald

Van Helsing | Valken Valerious

Skin Walkers | Varek & Sonja

Malkavian “Bedlam Insanity”

Girl with the dragon tattoo series | Lisbeth Salander

Shutter Island | Teddy Daniels

The Dark Knight | The Joker

Near Dark | Severen

Nosferatu “cursed for their vanity

The DescentCreatures

Buffy the vampire slayer | The master

From Dusk Til Dawn | Santanico Pandemonium

Mortal Kombat | Mileena

Tzimice “Sadistic crafters”

Hannibal Rising | Hannibal Lector

Toreador “Secular Enthrallment”

Jennifer’s Body | Jennifer Check

Interview with a vampire | Lestat De Lioncourt

True Blood | Jessica Hamby


Carrie | Carrie White

The Covenant | The Sons of Ipswhich

Queen of the damned | Akasha

Giovanni “Necromancers”

Practical Magic | Sally & Gillian Owens

The Mummy | Imotep


Being Human US | Aidan Waite

Underworld | Selene’s Coven

Daybreakers | Elitists

Twilight Saga | The Voultri

Lasombra “dwellers of darkness”

Wir Sind Nacht Die | Nora, Louise and Charlotte

Being Human UK | John Mitchell & Lauren Drake


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