Which super hero would you date?


Perhaps a boring choice by others standards, but I covet Superman as my boyfriend and lover. Determining reasons aside from how handsome he appears are as follows. Men who possess moral compasses are appealing. Secondly, Clark spent a large portion of his development building integral character. Manual labor has a tendency to produce upstanding individuals. I believe in this possible reality we would be intellectual equals, therefore both capable of carrying stimulating conversations between one another. In terms of values, ethics and positions pertaining to varying topics there exists a harmonious compatibility factor. Of those mentioned being involved in journalism and possible having a child are primary commonalities I think we as a couple would actively desire. Especially since exposing deception sits at a high priority and citizen reporting remains a field of interest for me (which I am certain he would support). Lastly he possesses a strong sense of compassion and willingness toward cooperation, which epitomizes my ideals of a healthy prosperous relationship.

Please answer the following query briefly by submitting an answer.


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