Personal Cult Classics

Scott Pilgrim vs. the world


Edgar Wright’s independent adaption had mixed reviews because it only appeals to particular generation, chiefly I imagine anyone born between 1990 and 1999 (though this timeline may extend a little). Every inch of Scott Pilgrim strongly reflects popular culture in addition to being a reflection of how technology has become deeply integrated within our society and daily lives. Truly Wright incorporates stylistic visuals, uncomfortable social situations, generational jargon and quirkiness seamlessly. It comes across as a live-action graphic novel therefore was utterly delectable. Habitually I recite lines from choice scenes when spending time amongst friend and they always initially stare because they think I am talking to myself.



Her philosophy of punishing adults lead me to coat the laundry room floor with bleach as a five year old since I did not know how to mix chemicals. My mom subsequently did not allow me to watch movies about little girls with psionic powers until age 13.

Napoleon Dynamite


“I see you’re drinking one percent is that because you think your fat? Cause you’re not — you could be drinking whole if you wanted to.”

V for Vendetta


I once quoted and referenced the ordeal Evey suffered during an English class in college illustrating dignity displayed by those who have been degraded and impressed everyone in the room.

Wristcutters: A Love Story


A running joke about a black hole being underneath Eugene’s passenger seat as well as hilarious single liners put this awkward if not uncomfortable story near a special place in my cinematic loving heart.


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