Resident Evil Retribution 2013 Review


A stale perpetuation of one exhaustively explored tale.

From 2001 onward Alice has always been a central figure if not driving force for Paul Anderson’s film series.Sadly this saga lost its appeal two films prior when parasitic subjugation and mutated B.O.W.S. were incorporated. Elements from Resident evil have been integrated subjectively which created some disparaging inconsistencies (e.g. plot holes, characters not being well represented, poor presentation etc).

Resurrecting Carlos Oliveira, Rain Ocampo and Captain One did not seem probable since all these people died in manner that would make reanimation near impossible. Umbrella was only able to produce clones of Alice because they extracted large samples of DNA whereas this was not so in Carlos, Rain or One’s case.

Instead of actively doling righteous justice our protagonist spent more time running rather than eliminating remaining threats, mainly Umbrella’s “homicidal” AI the Red Queen.

After following all points relative to cloning I was left with many questions, though most importantly I wondered if Anderson was presenting any ethical bio-engineering provocations. As asserted in Afterlife by Birkin, Alice was a genetic original among countless clones created for specimen replication. Yet Ada Wong states she was among a set of 50 other prototype “models.” Harnessing her abilities, personality, aspirations and of course primary mission I believe resolved any lingering doubt about herself. Thus for writers to revive the topic of identity was regressive if not irreverent.

Acting felt mediocre straddling campy except for Aryana Engineer (Max – Orphan 2009) and Durand who both were refreshing. I think Engineer and Durand’s genre unfamiliarity allowed them to bring new theatrical approaches forward making their screen times electrifying in contrast against their co-stars.

Most involved appeared far too reliant on their own prior iconic stardom in previous titles, which might explain why their enthusiasm and line delivery was so lethargic.

Despite such an unsatisfying conclusion Resident evil afterlife held a strong tone of finality, therefore in resuming an formerly eclipsed story any semblance of closure has been lost. There lies no sense in continuing sketching if all the lines have already been drawn. Any further advancements will be degenerative deviations.

Overall Rating: 3.5 / 5

Visual effects: 5 / 5

Performances: 2.5 / 5

Cinematography: 4.5 / 5

Dialogue: 2.5 / 5


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