From: Émile Masse

To: Mtl_Picus_Confidential

Subject: Our role


With the rush of day to day operations, it’s easy to lose focus and forget what the job is all about. As a reminder to all of you:

1)      Minds and emotions can be influenced by the media.

          a)  A crowd has the mental age of a 5 year old child

          b)  It is our mission to orient and guide the child to higher understanding

          c)  That understanding must keep the right interest at heart

2)      Language and carefully chosen words are a form of influence

         a)  Anyone can experience the world and express points of view

         b)  Words are condensed ideas and the sole means for men to understand the world

         c)  This is the power of Semiology and Rhetoric

3)      Control is in the delivery of information

         a)  Knowledge is power

         b)  Today, knowledge is based on information

         c)  Controlling access and the flow of information is the key to power

         d)  With this power comes responsibility

A bit simplistic. I admit, but it gets the point across

Émile Masse

Division Supervisor

Picus Confidential


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