Line-up of upcoming projects, pursuits and pieces

Reprising my helm of online blogging, I have returned with a vengeance. National issues, foreign relations/policy, civil unrest, reform, cyber security, NSA scrutiny, TSA condemnation  and much more are topics which will be appearing routinely in articles posted on Accentuate the negative. Hitherto onward the following are submissions bound for publication within coming months:

  • Technology vs. humanity {social, ethical and generational affects of scientific engineering on
  • Artificial weather creation
  • Vaccinations
  • Obama care
  • Snowden NSA Whistleblower
  • FDA: Incredulous label of approval
  • Consumerism
  • Order vs. Capitalism (Do corporations have de facto ruling clout over actual laws and legislation?)

These issues must be discussed no matter how we may dislike or object to them.


Comments . Opinions . Concerns

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