Rooftop Pitfalls Claim Another

Evelyn Carmichael, a young woman in her early 20’s, became one of the latest victims claimed by the deadly Youzhao rooftops that have authorities clambering for stricter safety regulations and zoning permits.

Sources close to the victim say Evelyn had been out celebrating with her boyfriend before the incident occurred. A witness, whose identity was not released, claims she slipped and fell while descending one of the many staircases connecting the Youzhao and Kuaigan rooftops and Pandeng street below. Police believe alcohol or drugs may have influenced the fatal accident, but officials claim the tragedy could have been avoided entirely if  laws were different.

With elections just around the corner, Evelyn’s death will no doubt spark a host of new debates and controversy concerning city-wide safety regulations. Rooftop-related injuries and deaths have steadily risen in the last 5-years, and make up over 60% of all recorded fatalities each year.


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