PepsiCo settled one such lawsuit in August over its use of the phrases €All Natural, €œAll Natural fruit and Non-GMO on bottles of Naked Juices. The company said it would remove €œAll Natural from the drinks€™ packaging and pay consumers $9 million. However, PepsiCo will still use “non-GMO” on the juices, even though they are not certified as such.

Disgustingly brazen — well while we are in the process of open faced lying why not convince zoologists and national geographic to ensure people that the Africanized bee cannot kill you — oh wait it can. Honesty regarding ingredients meets standards that protect consumers! In addition such dishonesty would be dangerous for individuals who suffer from food allergies or must adhere to special diets!

Big Food Companies Push to Label Genetically Modified Products as €œNatural!€


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