Aaaah look! A giveaway!! I actually hit 10,000 followers on new years day, and I honestly couldn’t imagine a better gift for the new year. Thank you wonderful wonderful followers. 

To celebrate I want to throw lots of things at you! This is gonna be a really short giveaway because i’m impatient. It’s all things from my shop. Wish I had something crazier to give out, but hopefully this is still a bit exciting. 
Deadline: January 27th!
Shipping: I’ll cover costs & ship anywhere! 
Rules: 1 like & reblog per person! Must be a follower currently. Must have your asks open so I can message you, and reply within 24 hours, otherwise I’ll pick again. 
Prizes: The order I choose people in will get first pick! There’ll be 5 winners WHOA!
– Small moleskine sketchbook with mini-prints or stickers of your choice
– a corgi or shiba mug
– 2 prints of your choice
– 2 sets of either stickers/mini-prints/postcards
– 1 set of either stickers/mini-prints/postcards
* First three people chosen will also get a little doodle of their favorite character from their favorite thing (snk, sherlock, preferably something I’m familiar with). 

That’s all! Thank you thank you thank you everyone who has stuck around, and new followers too! I can’t tell you how much it means to me.
(づ>A<)づ (><)

I have never reposted a Tumblr post until today but am intent on holding hope of being one of five very lucky people. My room walls are bare, lonely and quivering for comfort, waiting for vibrant compelling artwork, prints, photographs, educational posters, editorials, collages and paintings to cover every inch of negative space. I am not trying to come across as pretentious or self deserving but in the sincerest way possible am asking you (Olivia When) to pick me.


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